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Available Kaiju
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There are many species of Kaiju up for adoption. Kaijus start out as eggs, and depending on the species, will change into different forms. Those stages are listed next to each species. Kaiju live from life to death, and you will recieve a Gravestone for them after they die.

You will need to tell me what kind of Kaiju you want. You coose from the available species below. More Kaiju will be added. If you would like a personalized Kaiju, or if there is a Kaiju species you really want that is not available, you will be put on a waiting list and notified when that Kaiju becomes available to adopt.

Available Kaiju

1. Godzilla- Lifecycle: egg, baby godzilla, little godzilla,
godzilla junior, godzilla, godzilla
2000, meltdown godzilla

2. Orga- Stages: egg, UFO, Tentacle UFO, Orga, Final Form

3. Dorat- Stages: egg, Dorat, NOTE: If you adopt three, you
will recieve King Ghidorah.

4. Destroyer- Stages: egg, micro-form, Human-Sized,
aggragate, flying, Adult