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Your Kaiju will live from Life to Death


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Kaiju Life Cycle
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Stage 1: Egg
Your Kaiju will arrive as an egg. After a week, you will recieve an E-Mail containing the next stage of your pet.

Stage 2: Hatchling
After a week, you will recieve the hatchling form of your Kaiju. Your Kaiju will remain a hatchling for the next
month. Then you will recieve your pets next stage.

Stage 3: Pre-Aggragate
The pre-aggragate is like the child form of your kaiju. The Kaiju will remain in this form for a month.

Stage 4: Aggragate
This is the pre-adult stage. For instance, If you your Kaiju
is a Godzilla, in this stage it would be Godzilla Junior.

Stage 5: Adult
This is the stage where your pet is the largest and most powerful. Your pet will remain in it's adult stage for three to four months.

Stage 6: Death
Your pet Kaiju will eventually die. I will provide a Gravestone for it. You may personalize it by E-Mailing me with the way you want it. But never fear, you can adopt another Kaiju after your Kaiju dies.

Any Questions about your Kaiju's Life Cycle. You can tell me by filling out the form below and pressing Submit.

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