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Day 1: Tuesday
I have added the eggs, now all there is to do is wait.

Day 2: Wednsday
It is 5:00 in the morning, no activity.
4:00pm: I see some tiny white specks swimming around. Are they Triops?

Day 3: Thursday
They are deffinitly Triops, I can see thier tails. I fed them two crushed food pellets.

Day 4: Friday
The Triops have doubled in size! They look just like the Adult Triops, only much, much smaller. I have fed them 8 whole pellets. They havn't began eating them yet.

Day 5: Saturday
They have grown again, they are almost a centimeter long. The food has sunk to the bottom and they are eating and "playing" with thier food.

Day 6: Sunday
They are now a Centimeter long. I have named the biggest one "Uniprong", because he only has one tail prong.

Day 7: Monday
I have accidently killed one of my triops when trying to transplant him into a seperate tank:(

Day 8: Tuesday
AAAAHHHHH! Cannabilism! Unporong and one of the smallest Triops have been eaten alive! I'm starting to get the feeling that they are all going to die now one way or another.

Day 9: Wednsday
Not much to report today, the Triops have grown a little. There are 7 remaining in the tank. I have been feeding the Triops 10 pellets a day due to the 1 gallon tank they are in.

Day 10: Thursday
Still not much to report. The triops havn't grown much, but are still very entertaining to just sit and watch.

Day 11: Friday
The Triops are still not much bigger, I have had to hire someone to feed them tonight for I am at a friends house right now.